The Accaleator program Scale Up Center Offshore, to which the Energy Cluster Denmark contributed, completed over three years more than 30 Scale-Up courses spread over three Scale-Up rounds with ten companies involved each year.


  • Estimated job creation of over 100 new jobs and over 100 million. DKK in turnover within the first five years after the program courses – total for all 30 participating companies
  • It is expected that a minimum of DKK 30 million will be added. DKK in capital injection by external investors in the participating companies
  • Commitment from leading energy companies that contributed to the development of the participating companies

Read more at Scale-Up Denmark’s Center for Offshore Industry

Financed by


Start: August 2016
End: June 2019
Grant: DKK 12,075,000

Contact person

Helene Urth

Helene Urth
Project Director International
Tlf: +45 5389 3581