2nd Life for Power Plants


In Europe, billions of € have been invested in fossil power plants. Investments, which in a fossil-free future may be wasted. In the 2nd Life for Power Plants (2LIPP) project, the plants of the past are transformed into tomorrow’s green energy supplies. By equipping old plants with new technology, existing infrastructure such as steam turbines and transformer units can be reused in a green energy supply.


In a pilot project, Bornholms Energy and Distrubution (BEOF) will convert an old fossil fuel power plant into a hybrid energy storage based on green energy. The purpose is to demonstrate a scalable, hybrid energy storage solution that utilizes existing plant infrastructure, thereby achieving lower costs for implementing energy storage.

The project will target scalable storage within three technologies: A high-temperature hydroxide salt energy storage for combined heat and electricity production, which will demonstrate long-term energy storage at grid scale; a battery storage consisting of used car batteries; and a high-tech flywheel for short-term energy storage. Tied together by a hybrid energy management system, the entire storage will balance the grid and deliver stored energy when needed.

With the project, fossil fuel assets worth billions in Europe – otherwise worthless in a fossil free future – will continue to be an asset through updating them instead. This will reduce the time and costs of implementing renewable energy storage and will speed up the green transition.


Global estimates show potential retrofits at works that would allow €1.2 trillion in assets to be retained. 15-20% of these assets are in Europe.



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