The purpose of CAMP NOW is to accelerate and strengthen the development of the camping product and thus the camping industry, so that it can develop into an attractive form of accommodation for guests who want sustainable outdoor accommodation.

Project description

The interest in and demand for experiences based on outdoor and outdoor life is increasing. It therefore highlights the need to develop sustainable camping products that meet demand.

In order for expectations to be met, both new knowledge and new methods are required. The CAMP NOW project consists of 8-10 company-oriented development courses within three tracks: Building Outdoor Capacity, Building Sustainable Camps and Building A New Brand.

Project activities

  • Preparation of individual development plans
  • Test course of new technologies
  • Preparation of sample catalog with possible tech solutions.
  • Preparation of target group descriptions for priority target groups and local markets.
  • Development of concept for branding and content as well as marketing campaign for the German and Dutch markets.

CAMP NOW therefore contributes to the transformation of sustainable camping products to develop and create an attractive form of accommodation for guests as well as contribute to more overnight stays and increased turnover in the camping industry.


Financed by


Start: May 2020

Slut: July 2022

Funding: DKK 5.290.000