Digital Energy Hub

Project description

In the Digital Energy Hub, we provide an optimal framework for data-driven innovation in the energy sector to SMEs, large companies and entrepreneurs. Together, we will make Denmark’s energy sector the most sustainable in the world.

Denmark needs more digital innovative companies in the energy sector that can improve digital competences in areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, so that we can future-proof Denmark’s energy technology position of strength.

At Digital Energy Hub, we support the development of the successful companies of the future within energy technology, and now is the time to join us from the very beginning.

Through the facilitation of new interdisciplinary collaborations, innovation sprints and access to Center Denmark’s Data Platform with large amounts of data from district heating, water and electricity, SMEs and large companies can promote their development and become competitive, digital companies that strengthen the development of new technology in the energy sector. This includes data-intelligent solutions, service platforms and new business models.

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Financed by


Start: January 2022

End: December 2024

Total budget: DKK 23.16 million

Aid amount: DKK 20.16 million

Contact person

Christian Boysen

Christian Boysen
Tlf: +45 6171 8663