Recycling of packaging plastic waste


The result of pyrolysis of packaging plastic is contaminated with varying amounts of biomass. P4O has a demonstration and process plant in Nykøbing, Zealand to test its technology.

Solution idea

This solution will be suitable for offering to municipalities, utility companies, and the waste industry. It involves the development of small, decentralized plants that can process plastic waste into pyrolysis oil and gas. The residual gas can be used for electricity production and heating.

Experimental results can be used directly to design an optimal process for recycling plastic; for example, how mechanical pre-treatment of plastic-packaged foods can take place and whether prior drying of the plastic before pyrolysis is necessary.

Problem owners

Problem solvers

This project is financed by Energy Cluster Denmark’s Clean Tech Innovation (CTI) support programme. It offers three years of support to allow small- and medium-sized businesses to collaboratively develop innovative electronic products focused on energy optimisation. The CTI project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

Project timeline

PHASE 1: Conceptualisation
PHASE 2: Development and testing
PHASE 3: Demonstration and validation
PHASE 4: Commercialisation

Financed by


Start: May 2020
End: January 2023
Grant: DKK 1.038.462

Contact person

Peter Munch Kofoed

Peter Munch Kofoed
Project Manager
Tlf: +45 3153 2597