The challenge is to reduce the production cost of the plant by using optimal materials and technologies. Furthermore, it is to ensure that the plant can be approved (the Machinery Directive) the Danish and European market. The maritime sector requires sustainable fuels that can be blended with conventional maritime fuels. Bio-oil from nutshells seems promising. However, bio-oil is still too expensive to be a real alternative to fossil-based maritime fuels.


Development of a pyrolysis design based on new material technology that can control corrosive substances at a low cost.

Project deliveries

The innovation project will provide a complete pyrolysis plant in container size that can convert organic residual waste (eg nutshells) into oil, pyrolysis gas and (district) heat.

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Project timeline

FASE 1: Konceptualisering
FASE 2: Udvikling og test
FASE 3: Demonstration og validering
FASE 4: Kommercialisering

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Start: Februar 2021
End: November 2024
Funding: DKK 2.709.694 kr

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Peter Munch Kofoed

Peter Munch Kofoed
Project Manager
Tlf: +45 3153 2597