NOW Ports

NOW Ports is an international Innovation project with the aim of facilitating collaboration and development of the harbour space at Rønne Harbour (Denmark), Trelleborg Harbour (Sweden), and Karmsund Harbour (Norway). This collaborative project will generate specific innovative projects across developers, OEMs and sub-contractors for offshore wind.


Wind turbines are expected to grow in output, from 10 MW to up to 20 MW, within a few years. This will place great demands on new and existing offshore wind ports alike. In this project, three Nordic ports will enter into an innovative collaboration with offshore wind players, with a view towards upgrading, redesigning, and adapting existing facilities and infrastructure.

Solution idea

The idea is to identify and reveal specific opportunities for co-operation and strategic innovation between stakeholders at Nordic ports. The project’s purpose is to promote long-term business opportunities for Nordic ports and create opportunities for a common direction and execution.

Project deliverables

The main deliverable will be the definition, selection, initiation, and development of six specific joint projects involving Nordic ports and offshore wind companies.

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Start: March 2020
End: February 2021
Grant: DKK 660.000

Contact person

Charlotte Baumgartner

Charlotte Baumgartner
Project Manager
Tlf: +45 8144 9255