CO2 capture will be an element in meeting the 2030 climate target. CO2 capture facilities are being prepared, which is why safe storage of CO2 will be needed.


The project will investigate how the Nini field in the North Sea can be used for CO2 storage. The underground soil conditions must be investigated so that the risk of leakage and other risks can be identified and prevented. The project will also demonstrate the cost savings that can be achieved by using previous oil and gas fields for storage rather than new excavations. In addition, the project must demonstrate a safe and cost-effective transport of CO2 from the capture site to storage.


The knowledge gathered must be used to achieve the greatest possible capacity of the Nini field in the North Sea and apply that knowledge to comparable empty fields. The potential is that up to DKK 8 million can be extended. tons of CO2 in 2030, approx. 40% of the target of 70% CO2 reduction by 2030.

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Project timeline

FASE 1: Konceptualisering
FASE 2: Udvikling og test
FASE 3: Demonstration og validering
FASE 4: Kommercialisering

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Start: Januar 2020

End: December 2025

Funding: DKK 17.020.344,00

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Christian Boysen

Christian Boysen
Tlf: +45 6171 8663