PtX Cluster Zealand


The development of Power-to-X (PtX) as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels is underway worldwide. The technology has not yet been tested on a large scale and therefore has not proven to be economically sustainable at that level.

PtX Zealand consists of five SMEs that are among the most advanced companies in the field. They will work collaboratively to make Power-to-X technology economically and environmentally sustainable. This requires that the power be sourced from somewhere and that it can be used in the new PtX-facilities. 


The project includes the following elements:

  • DynElectro is building a high-performance electrolysis prototype with a capacity of up to 100 kW 
  • Nordphos is designing and building a treatment plant that can provide technically pure water of the right quality for electrolysis and pre-/post-treat water in the process so that all wastewater from the process can be reused 
  • Algiecel is designing the first full-scale production line that combines light and CO2 to produce biomass for, for example, food/dietary supplements or sustainable fuel
  • Unibio is establishing a pilot production of proteins based on the utilization of the residual oxygen from electrolysis
  • G2B Bioslutions is providing the outline for Denmark’s first sustainable ethanol production (factory) based on waste bread
  • Feasibility study of the connection of PtX technologies to companies and the existing Kalundborg symbiosis
  • Feasibility study of future CO2 infrastructure in North West Zealand 
  • Business development for the 5 participating Zealand SMEs 

Effect of the project

The project aims to develop: 

·     3 specific demonstration and scaling projects 

·     2 research and development projects 

·     2 feasibility studies 

·     5 business development processes for 5 SMEs 

·     5 companies have developed solutions within the PtX area


Region Zealand 




G2B BioSolutions ApS 

Gas Storage Denmark A/S 

Kalundborg Forsyning 

Nordphos ApS 

Unibio A/S 


Erhvervshus Zealand

Financed by


Project period: 

April 2022 – August 2023 


33,000,000 DKK 


The European Regional Development Fund 

Danish Board of Business Development

Contact person

Line Louise Overgaard

Line Louise Overgaard
Project Manager
Tlf: +45 3152 1741