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Offshore wind turbines are placed on a foundation which is manufactured by sub-contractors to the wind turbine industry. It is crucial that these foundations meet specified requirements from wind turbine manufacturers. During production and transportation of the foundation to the place where it is to be installed, the manufacturer inspects the foundation to ensure it meets specifications. The inspection, which is conducted manually, is financially cumbersome and time-consuming — not to mention risky for the employees involved, who must climb the foundation and face other hazards when carrying out the inspection.

Solution idea

The Quali-Drone project will develop an automated, drone-based approach to the inspection of surface damage to TP turbine foundations using AI algorithms and digital twins. This project has the potential to save the industry time and money, as well as to improve safety around TPs.

Quali-Drone project partners are developing software and a drone that can be used to photograph, scan, and analyse the condition of a wind turbine foundation from production to shipment and through to its arrival at the offshore wind farm where the foundation is to be installed. The new software and developed inspection drone will thereby automate the inspection, saving the industry time and money while improving the safety of the employees.

Project deliverables

New solution for drone inspection of TP turbine foundations.

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Press clip about Quali-Drone

Project video (in Danish)

Project timeline

PHASE 1: Conceptualisation
PHASE 2: Development and testing
PHASE 3: Demonstration and validation
PHASE 4: Commercialisation

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Start: May 2019
End: August 2022
Funding: DKK 15.640.620

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Christian Boysen

Christian Boysen
Tlf: +45 6171 8663