The challenge is to make a meaningful impact on energy demand for heating and cooling in Europe (Of 50% of total demand; only 16% comes from renewable energy). The potential for heat and cold exchange has been widely recognized, however, this is underutilized due to a number of challenges, such as e.g. legal obligations and financial requirements that hinder the development of industrial parks.


R-Aces develops three practical tools to support the whole process of organizing ecoregions. The three tools are the structuring element of the R-ACES project, which incorporates existing knowledge and is in line with the needs of stakeholders in industrial clusters to support them during the implementation of their energy cooperation.

The R-ACES toolbox consists of:

  • Self-assessment tool
  • Platform for energy management
  • Legal decision making tool
  • Effect

The vision of the R-ACES project is to support industrial parks and clusters with high potential to become ecoregions that can reduce their CO2 equalization by at least 10%. This is done by exchanging excess energy, utilizing renewable energy and creating coherent connections with the so-called Smart Energy Management Systems. Read more here: www.r-aces.eu

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Start: June 2020

Slut: May 2022

Funding: DKK 15.000.000

Contact person

Charlotte Baumgartner

Charlotte Baumgartner
Project Manager
Tlf: +45 8144 9255