REALISE – Renewable Energy Analytics for Lifetime Investment and Systems Engineering


Future wind and solar farms will provide green power not only to the grid, but also to electrolyzers delivering green hydrogen and surplus heat to gas and heat networks, to energy storage units delivering constant green electricity to the grid, and to data centers providing IT solutions to its customers. However, if hybrid plants are to be utilized in its full potential, and all positive effects are to be achieved, optimization of the size and the physical design of the hybrid plant is essential.


The innovation project REALISE will deliver an analytics software suited for the design and valuation of multi-technology renewable energy assets, also known as Renewable Energy Parks. The project provides key innovative solutions within energy system modelling, simultaneous optimization of design and operation, and advanced financial engineering, which are critical to reach profitability targets when developing this type of renewable energy parks.


The value of REALISE is demonstrated and validated in the design of a real onshore and offshore development asset. The outcome from REALISE has the potential to become a critical part of any renewable energy developer’s toolbox wishing to design and operate profitable renewable energy parks and actively participate in the race to a decarbonized future. The project contributes actively to the climate action by significantly increasing and improving renewable energy production and -storage across sectors.

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Aegir Insights

DTU – Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

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PHASE 1: Conceptualization
PHASE 2: Development and Testing
PHASE 3: Demonstration and Validation
PHASE 4: Commercialization

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Start: January 2022

End: July 2024

Total budget: DKK 11.357.220 kr.

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Christian Munk Jensen

Christian Munk Jensen
Project Manager
Tlf: +45 5055 2606