The large cast iron elements in wind turbines are expensive and often impossible to repair if defects occur during casting or machining. If the elements can instead be repaired by welding, both time and cost are reduced, and the climate footprint is significantly reduced. Some casters believe that wind turbines are gradually becoming so large that they are difficult to cast, and only a few foundries can perform the task. If a large workpiece can be cast in several pieces and later joined by welding, costs are saved, and the supplier base is expanded considerably.


The solution is to develop a technology for welding in cast iron and methods to ensure the quality of welds – both for repairs and for joints. The quality control takes place with a new ultrasound technology, which can identify defects in the welds. This will make assembly welding and repair welding safer in practice.


Analyzes show that the project will result in a saving of ½-1 percent of the total cost of a wind turbine, which today is around € 3M. The cost of the nacelle will be reduced by about 10-15 percent.

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Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy A/S

Vestas Wind Systems

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Start: April 2021

Slut: Oktober 2024

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