Molten Salt Storage 3


Since the renewable energy from e.g., wind turbines, is not constant, it must be stored so that there is also energy available when the wind decreases – and preferably on a scale that can match the Danish, European and in the long term the global need for green energy.


Molten Salt Storage (MOSS) is a new solution for a Giga-sized energy storage based on liquid hydroxide salts. The solution is extremely efficient and could be the first thermal giga-size energy storage to become commercially widespread.

The storage concept may have several uses but will initially be targeted at the market for electricity and heat, where it is expected to be able to build the first commercial plant in 2024-2025.

The main delivery of the project:
  • Complete the development and design of all subsystems and the system as a whole so that they work together with the chemical control system for hydroxide salts, which the partner Seaborg has developed.
  • Test and validate all subsystems and their scalability in a commercial context
  • Demonstrate the world’s first commercial energy storage based on low-cost hydroxide salts
  • Present a case study for implementation by one of the partners – which can provide a guide for other providers of district heating and CHP
Expected result:

In compact tanks with molten hydroxide salts, MOSS can store 1 GWh (or more) with a low heat loss, so you can span 1-2 weeks and still act on the daily imbalances from renewable energy production and demand.

For every 1 GWh storage facility in operation, annual C02 reductions of 32,000 tons are delivered. With more plants in operation, this will make a major contribution to the Danish climate goals in 2030.


Problem owners:

DIN Forsyning 

Problem solvers:

Alfa Laval Aalborg 
SAN Electro Heat ApS 
Aalborg Universitet 
HYME Energy

Previous sub-projects:

Molten Salt Storage 2

Project timeline

PHASE 1: Conceptualization
PHASE 2: Development and Testing
PHASE 3: Demonstration and Validation
PHASE 4: Commercialization

Financed by


Start: March 2022

End: April 2024

Total budget: DKK 24.66 million
EUDP funding: DKK 13.24 million

Contact person

Gitte Wad

Gitte Wad
Project Manager
Tlf: +45 3152 7516