Project Greensand Phase 2


With its climate agreement from 2020 and the subsequent CO2 capture and storage strategy (CCS) from 2021, Denmark has placed CCS as the cornerstone of achieving the ambitious 2025 and 2030 CO2 reduction targets. Storing CO2 in depleted hydrocarbon fields is a cost-effective solution for this and can be implemented within 3-5 years.


Project Greensand will be the first full CCS value chain project with the aim of delivering storage capacity of på ½-1½ million tonnes per year (mtpa) of CO2 already in 2025 in the Nini field in the Danish North Sea. The project demonstrates offshore CO2 injection in the Nini field and will provide the necessary technical documentation and the reports that will be used for a CO2 storage site application in 2023, qualifying the monitoring technologies that enable safe and environmentally friendly CO2 storage. The full-scale project will start in 2023, to enable storage in the second half of 2025.

Project Greensand will move CO2 storage in the Nini field from its current TRL 5 to TRL 8 in 24 months. It is a challenging and ambitious timetable, but crucial for Denmark to reach the climate target for 2030 and the 50-54% mid-term target.


Storage of 4-8 million tonnes of CO2 per year in 2030 in the Nini field.

Problem owners:

INEOS Energy
Wintershall Dea

Problem solvers:

Maersk Drilling
Blue Water Shipping
Semco Maritime
Dan-Unity CO2
Geelmuyden Kiese
Aker Carbon Capture
Resen Waves
Wind Power Lab
DTU Kemi
Magseis Fairfield
Teknologisk Institut
Southampton University
National Oceanography Centre

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Project timeline

PHASE 1: Conceptualization

PHASE 2: Development and Testing

PHASE 3: Demonstration and Validation

PHASE 4: Commercialization

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Start: December 2021

End: December 2023

Total budget: DKK 438.4 million

EUDP funding: DKK 197 million

Contact person

Christian Boysen

Christian Boysen
Tlf: +45 6171 8663