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Since 2013, HeliPPE has established a reputation as the preferred PPE leasing supplier to the wind industry.

At HeliPPE, the logistics, maintenance and documentation of PPE is a core competence. HeliPPE specializes in making PPE simple, accessible and hassle free for the service operators. HeliPPE supplies all types of PPE to the entire industry: suits, harnesses, lifejackets, helmets and much more.

A leasing solution through HeliPPE saves time, costs and space. It also contributes to a more sustainable production, where good equipment is at work rather than being in storage.

With offices in Esbjerg, Emden and Grimsby, HeliPPE can deliver PPE anywhere in the entire North Sea. After use, HeliPPE will pick up the PPE again and make sure it is cleaned, disinfected, updated and serviced and ready for the next task.

Leasing PPE is the simple, greener and more efficient choice.