IKM Ocean Team AS
IKM Ocean Team AS
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IKM Ocean Team is your international partner for specialized cleaning of fluids and technical fluid-carrying systems. With build-up of extensive know-how IKM Ocean Team have become one of the world’s leading suppliers of total purity systems.
As technology provider IKM Ocean Team delivers to international energy operators within oil & gas, power generation, petro-chemical industry, marine and the wind industry. Innovative engineered service solutions have in the past 28 years been sold to clients and are still sold to clients from a position as Special Maintenance Contractor.

Technological solutions are based on thorough insight in fluid carrying systems to the specialized processes in the above-mentioned industries. IKM Ocean Team’s proved technology supports client’s cost efficiency by on-line operation on sensitive assets and by facilitating unprecedented degrees of purity in the fluid carrying systems.

IKM Ocean Team is a technology provider offering specialized technologies transforming and sustaining the international green vision, such as: PtX, CCS, SCCO2 backflushing and Digital Fluid Monitoring Conditioning.
As a result-oriented supervising company based on in-depth knowledge, our purification methods are primarily used in the hydraulic, lube oil and process systems such as:

Chemical cleaning and cleaning-in-place, hot flushing, video inspection, hydro jetting, mechanical cleaning, hydraulic flushing, and cleaning of ‘live-systems’ incl.: Produced water systems, closed cooling water systems, seawater cooling systems, flow lines, vessels, coolers, and heat exchangers.

Moreover, for offshore and onshore wind industry we have specialized in fill-for-life lubrication, analysis programs, consultancy, training, oil changes, bearing flushing, grease replenish, chemical cleaning, change of cooling liquid, up-tower gear box flushing, endoscopy services and customized solutions.

It is easy to contact us 24/7 on telephone: +45 7518 0077.