New concepts, innovative business models and disruptive roles in EV charging

2. december 2021 – 8:30 – 11:00 Århusgade 130, 2150 København, Danmark (The Audo)

We are delighted to invite you to a morning, where we bring great ideas in to action. Based on inspirational talks from Peter Bach Andersen (DTU) and Casper Rasmussen (Monta), we will work together to answer questions such as:

  • How do we infuse innovative charging concepts and new digital products and services into public tendering process?
  • Which services can you, the site owner, offer and how do you – as a local small business or corporate – activate your EV charging spots, to make them support the grid and explore synergies with empowered EV owners?
  • How do you handle a mulititude of charging technologies on one site?
  • Which specific sites in Nordhavn would be obvious spots for testing in the coming years – and who are the stakeholders there?

Some of the answers will turn into ideas for collaborative projects. The workshop will use EnergyLab Nordhavn as a case. However, our findings will inspire new collaborations and innovation elsewhere in the city, the Øresund region and internationally


Welcome and introduction

Short inspirational talks (5 min) on:

  • Holistic planning for charging infrastructure (Peter Bach Andersen)
  • The urban planning perspective
  • The development of Nordhavn in the coming years (By&Havn – NN)
  • Hardware aspects
  • The installers and the process
  • The charge point operator perspective
  • Platform (Casper Rasmussen, Monta)


Introduction to co-creation session

Brainstorming and ideation in 4 groups

Presentation of group findings

Wrap up by Casper, Peter and Christoffer


Casper Rasmussen

Peter Bach Andersen

Christoffer Greisen

About EnergyLab Nordhavn

EnergyLab Nordhavn is an association formed on the basis of a large public funded project. It aims at supporting its membersu2019 development and demonstration of sustainable energy technology and solutions in the Nordhavn district of Copenhagen. To this end it aims for Nordhavn to develop into one of Europes leading living labs for sustainable energy solutions, based on components, infrastructure, agreements and cooperation, established by its members. Those are corporates, SMEu2019s, utilities, municipal government and knowledge institutions. Statutes etc can be downloaded here. Contact the secretariat to join or discuss membership.

About Monta

Founded in 2020, Monta was born out of frustration with the EV market. How is it possible to drive around in an electric car packed with cutting-edge technology, while the charging experience is limited to practically a start and stop function? This question — along with many others — kept roaming around the digitally-driven minds and slowly a concept started to take the form: Charging your EV should be at the same — if not higher — level as driving your electricity-fueled automobile. After assembling a team of senior profiles, Monta landed a million investment from the Danish stateu2019s investment fund, the Innovation fund and a few private investors on a promise to change the entire market with tech. Montau2019s platform embraces the entire EV charging experience: from helping EV drivers charge seamlessly at home and on the go to supporting companies with easy charge point management. Montas vision is very aligned with the ambition of EnergyLab Nordhavn and the results demonstrated in the project. EVu2019s represent a significant storage capacity and EV chargers represent a significant power, some of them even bidirectional. Innovative ways to unlock these elements and manage them integrated with the energy system is key to increasing the renewable energy penetration and defer grid upgrades. Stay tuned here for joint events and new projects in an around Nordhavn.

About DTU Center for Electric Power and Energy

Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) provides cutting-edge solutions for one of the major challenges of our modern society: the development of a reliable, cost-efficient and sustainable energy system based on renewable energy. CEE offers new technologies, knowledge, theory and methods within digital energy solutions, interconnected energy systems and optimized energy technologies. The center leverages and extensive experience on experimental validation, using the lab facilities of PowerLabDK to test and validate vehicles and chargers. Also, significant benefit comes from a close collaboration with industrial and commercial partners. As electric vehicle charging may represent one of the largest and most flexible demands in a contemporary household — e-Mobility may significantly advance the prosumer approach — this ties to CEEs focus area of Consumers, services and business models.

The workshop is enabled trough a grant from Dansk Erhvervsfremmebestyrelse and collaboration with Energy Cluster Denmark.